MASTIS anisette 50%

A first-class distillate whose origin can be found in the rugged and emotive charm of the mountain massifs and sun-heated submontane plains of the Near East. Its full yet still delicate taste, which unites a strong aroma and the sweetness of aniseed, is complemented by background herbal characteristics.

Big Dipper

Big Dipper

4 cl Mastis
1 dcl of apple juice
2 cl of Monin Passion Fruit

Steps: Pour Monin Passion Fruit into a glass. Add ice, pour in apple juice and top off with Mastis poured over a spoon.

Glass: whiskey

Garnish: lime peel


bottles 0,7l
Product box

packing box
6 x 0,7L / 7.3kg

100 x 0,7L

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