SLIVOVITZ brandy 45%

A delicate diluted fruit distillate with a pleasing scent and ripe plum taste. The selection of the right fruits and a precise management process create an exceptional product from the Spirits family. Its harmoniously balanced taste and aroma create a perfect sensual experience from a quality Slivovitz distillate.

Lovely Plum

Lovely Plum

1 cl of Cerise / cherry MONIN
2cl Slivovitz
2 cl of Frisco apple and lemon and Pilsner Urquell
a splash of lime juice

Steps: Fill a serving glass with crushed ice and gradually add ingredients.

Glass: V-Shape

Garnish: lime slice garnished with a dried plum and peppermint


bottles 0,7l
Product box

packing box
6 x 0,7L / 7.3kg

100 x 0,7L

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