We are a Czech producer of exclusive alcoholic drinks. Our main production programme is so-called vodka-based hard alcohol produced with the use of special technological processes, recipes and technology originating from Scandinavia.

Other related and important activities are the production of natural liqueurs with macerated herbs, the production of other spirits and the treatment and bottling of distillates.

Since its foundation in 2004, the company has undergone huge development and become a standard and reliable partner for significant customers not only on the Czech market, but also on the markets of Europe, Asia and the USA. The company's export interests have acquired strategic significance, especially in recent years when year-on-year export growth has exceeded 30%. This is due, among other things, to the original design, precise processing and quality which characterise products of the Helsinki brand.


We are creating a company with a strong background and clear objectives whose products are generally considered superior. This idea is subject to quality, design, product prices, advertising, sales methods and the presentation of the company and its employees.

We place special emphasis on detail and are constantly working on innovation, development and enhancing the quality of our products and services. We encourage all that is creative and new while at the same time maintaining respect for proven experience and traditional values.

We aim for professional quality where excellence and goals are synonymous. We do not succumb to fickle fashion or market needs and neither create nor concern ourselves with consumer products. We avoid substitutes and all easy routes which may contradict the philosophy of the company.


The history of the company began to unfold in Finland in early 2004. It was at this time that the company founders were given the opportunity to acquire special filtering technology and related technological processes which serve for the treatment of ethanol. The complex refining processes were an indication that they had acquired outstanding qualitative parameters for the production of vodka based spirits. In the same year successful negotiations to close the sale and to purchase the technology were held. As a result the company Helsinki Group s.r.o. was founded on 11 August 2004. At the beginning of 2005, after thorough preparation, the first production and trial operations commenced in Kralupy nad Vltavou in partnership with the company Kralupský Mok s.r.o. Between 2005 and 2009, as a sign of building and development, improvements to production technology, provision of legislation, preparation of a product portfolio and marketing took place. During this period fundamental changes and development occurred within the company, the most important of which are shown in chronological order below.

  • 2005 - a project for new company headquarters - construction of administrative and social space, new production halls and warehouses commences
  • 2006 - a change in company headquarters, innovation and development of new technology and technological processes
  • 2007 - termination of production in Kralupy nad Vltavou and commencement of trial operations on new premises
  • 2008 - acquisition of a grant for marketing and ICT from EU funds as part of the operational programme Enterprise and Innovation
  • 2009 - implementation of the ISO 9001 system and presentation of the company at a food and drink exhibition in Shanghai

The following years were focused on building trade positions, market gain and strengthening export opportunities. During this period the product portfolio was also expanded and new divisions of the company were opened.

  • 2010 - entry into MAKRO Cash & Carry Czech Republic, opening of the Slovakian market, export of products to China, expansion of the company with an advertising and marketing division - HG digital art
  • 2011 - entry onto the Polish market, expansion of product lines with fruit distillates and commencement of exports to the Dominican Republic
  • 2012 - entry into the Tesco Czech Republic and Slovakia chain and construction of new warehouses


We are building on history. The cornerstone of our work is experience gained in the field long before us. Through evaluation of this knowledge and maximum use of natural processes and patterns in close connection with technological advances, we are moving the bounds of possibility and thereby achieving improved, desired results.

The essence of our work lies in individuality and setting ourselves apart from the usual standard - determining boundaries in relation to the concepts "consumer and quantity". We strive to ensure that our products fulfill the role of quality enjoyment while also being an expression of character and a good image. Our vision is founded on quality and detail, design and precision processing and, last but not least, on innovation and technological progress.


In our field we are improving and investing in our own development as well as in research in the field. We are expanding our business position, researching and evaluating customer needs and trends and searching for new means of communication.

We want to maintain this direction and to benefit from the knowledge and experience we have gained for improved and more effective work. Our intention is to assert ourselves in the premium spirits segment and to be a symbol of quality and a characteristic of lifestyle in the subconscious of customers.


We consider design to be one of the basic pillars of our vision. We are attempting to push the limits of the technology used in relation to design and to utilise its potential from a new perspective so that the results of our work always carry a mark of originality and clear creativity.

Every product, every detail, every marketing material or advertising item is designed with great care, discussed within the team, measured against the competitive environment and evaluated in relation to communication with a selected target group of customers. We focus on combining purpose with aesthetics to the maximum extent possible so that they become an enduring part of our image just like our outstanding quality.


The technology which we currently use has undergone long development since its inception. The original Finnish base and principle of refining have been retained, though they have been complemented with an ensemble of modern technological features which follow the tried and tested processes of alcohol treatment while at the same time using new research findings.

The investment and time dedicated to this purpose have created a system of procedures and equipment allowing for the treatment of raw ingredients to create a product perfect in its balanced and mild taste.

The main principle of the technology is the complete elimination of impurities contained in the raw ingredients while retaining their pure base, ultimately creating a product of first class quality and stability.


We find it essential to maintain the quality of water at a uniform level. For us this means not being reliant on its variable parameters. Our process requires that we preserve its crystal clarity without any foreign impurities.

Special multiple-step treatment of water introduced into the process guarantees constant quality, safety and ultimately lends our products their renowned smoothness.


New scientific evidence has led the company to a progressive concept in its approach to new technology. This was merged with traditional procedures creating its present form. Our technological innovation uses findings from a scientific field known as photochemistry.

With original equipment aided by complex procedures we achieve so-called product maturation, aimed at considerable refinement and new taste properties. In combination with stabilising equipment absorbing oxides from products based on a so-called "electron trap", this system forms a highly sophisticated unit belonging to the know-how of our company.


The development of all technology is centrally managed by means of a management system. This is made up of individual technological blocks working synergistically in fully automatic mode according to preset parameters.

Such a production system requires not only a high level of expertise from employees, but also necessarily reduces manual input to the technology.

In this manner we reduce to a minimum the so-called "human factor" which has a negative effect on the demanding production process. The entire management system is, together with the proposed technology, highly flexible and proportioned in capacity for the production of other products which are currently being developed.


An important base, regardless of the excellence of our technology, is the intake of quality raw ingredients to which careful attention is given. The quality of raw ingredients and existing products as well as the quality of newly developed products is monitored by the laboratory using the latest analytical instruments.

This professional analytical approach to quality is reflected in particular in the premium quality of our products, which our customers are accustomed to and at the same time demand from us.


More than a little attention is also paid to other raw ingredients. We take care to ensure that additives, essences and other commodities have the maximum possible natural base and first-class quality. Similarly, the choice and combination of herbs used is subject to close examination.

We are aware that even these small ingredients can greatly affect the final quality of our products.


Our products are divided into five main lines, each of which has its specific features and focus on a customer segment.

HELSINKI ...a vodka range including fruit flavour variations, luxury rustic packaging, impressive pure Italian glass, a special Guala closure with a sliding dispenser, and a recipe based on original Finnish processes and technology.

PLATINUM ...a product line dedicated to vodka of the ultra premium category, modern design, a special embossed closure with doser, clear pure Italian glass, and a recipe founded on our own research and refinement of original Finnish technology.

LIQUEURS ...a range of herbal liqueurs, a natural method of production processes, cold maceration of herbs or their distillation, product maturation, a balanced taste of nature, luxury rustic packaging and a special Guala cap with a sliding dispenser.

SPIRITS ...fruit and herbal distilled liquor originating from a selected batch of predominantly foreign primary production, which is further treated and bottled in our company.

SPECIALS & LIMITED ...a product line whose exceptionality is confirmed by a unique design or by special quality, and of course by the limited availability of its products.